Here at CHIROGENESIS, Dr. Ben curates an individualized care plan for you. Every patient's condition is different and Dr. Ben's goal is to get you recovered and well as quickly as possible. Clinical recommendations for you as to the frequency and duration of care is highly dependent on your diagnosis. Chiropractic physicians are specialists and diagnosticians in the realm of non-surgical and non-pharmacological orthopaedic medicine.

Evidence-based (research) clinical practitioners are highly respected because doctors recommend to you treatment options and give medical advice based on what has been proven to work on many others. You can find out more about Dr. Ben's specialization in-training as a Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Specialist here.

Complementary to research evidence, it is wise to appropriate the right clinical treatment to achieve the best outcomes. You can find out more about Dr. Ben's specialization in-training as an advanced Applied Kinesiologist here.

That is why here at CHIROGENESIS, there is absolutely no pressure regarding the pre-paid package to choose. It's ultimately up to you to decide on which one is suitable, based on your needs. Having said that, the pre-paid packages are available to cater to all people. 

X-rays are not always recommended. Here below are some of the reasons for which X-rays would be helpful: